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Drone Roof Inspection Services

RSH Commercial Roofing Experts offers Roof Inspections as a part of its wide range of services. The company has always been at the forefront of introducing advanced tools and technology to offer impeccable services. To that end; we have introduced the use of drones for our roof inspections.

Why should you choose Drone Roof Inspections?

Drones are advancedtools made with cutting-edge technology. These can be used for various purposes including different kinds of building inspection services.

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Drone inspections lead to –

Efficiency – Use of drones makes it easier for us to conduct roof inspections in a more efficient manner – in matters of both time and costs.
Our inspectors can conduct roof inspections rather quickly as use of drones eliminates the need for ladder, rope, and other heavy equipment to access the roof.
For the same reason, we can also reduce costs of this service. When we don’t require using a ton of equipment and many personnel for roof inspections, we can offer our services at reduced costs.

Enhanced safety–Use of drones makes it unnecessary for inspectors to get onto roofs for inspections. It leads to enhanced safety for our inspectors and your property as well. With such increased safety measures, there are also no hassles such as insurance claims related to personal injury cases, property damage etc.

Proficiency – Our inspectors can conduct really thorough inspections using drones. We hire only qualified and trained engineers as our inspectors. They know how to use drones effectively for rigorous inspections. We can find even minor issues with roofs using advanced drones.

The Need for Periodic Roof Inspections

Roof of any building takes the most brunt from the elements. It protects the rest of the building from harsh weather and keeps the residents safe. Any number of following problems can cause safety issues –

  • Even a minor crack in the roofing material can lead to roof damage and impact the safety of the residents.
  • Mold and moss growth can occur on the roofs and cause damage.
  • Dirt and debris can collect on the roof over the years and cause rain water to pool on the sides of the edges. It can create possibilities of water leaks. Leakages can cause damage to the property – also compromising the residents’ safety.
  • Faulty installation can cause roof damage. Loose screws and fasteners can also lead to cracks in the roofing material.
  • Structures on the roofs such as chimney caps or vent pipes can sustain damage and compromise its integrity.

Regular roof inspections can help you to arrest these problems before they become big and cause safety concerns. Our engineers can also recommend the best solutions to repair roof damage in the most cost-effective way possible.

Drone Roof Inspections in Dallas, Texas

We are happy to clarify any doubts you may have about our drone roof inspections and other services as well. Contact us to know more about our wide range of services and to request for quotes.


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