Church roof maintenance

Church Roof Maintenance: Things You Should Know To Keep The Lord’s House Safe

The church roof is different from the roofs of the residential buildings, the roofs of the Lord’s abode are built-in architectural designs with steeples and parapets, making it difficult for the roofers to perform the repair work of the roofs. And, if the building of the church is historic then, it may pose challenges for the roof contractors to use the specialized material for maintaining the Church’s appearance.


Things you should know before getting church roof maintenance 

The roof of the church may get discolored, leaks, molds, or rots due to rain, storms, or moisture in the atmosphere. When you observe such signs, it’s time to call the roof contractors for church roof maintenance. These signs are not only harmful to the life of the church but also for the people who have an allergy to molds or fungus. Church roof maintenance is essential because getting a new roof will be a costly affair and, also the delayed roof repairs can cause disruption for the congregation. Church roof may seem a cumbersome process to you but, if you take the help of roof contractors and take care of the following things, you can save yourself from the bulky repair bills and keep the congregation from getting harmed.


Keep the age of the building in mind

It is known that the life span of the building is 20 to 25 years. So, it is in the best interest of your finances and congregation’s safety to keep track of the church’s age. If the age of your church is more than 20 years, it’s time to search for roof or church roof maintenance.


Keep watch on the walls of the church roof

If the age of your church is more than 20 years, you should look for roof contractors to get the inspection of the church’s building done at least once a year. If you notice the roof buckling, it is a sign that the roof of the Lord’s place can fall anytime.


Observe for shingle granules

When you get the gutters of your holy place cleaned, you should ask the service provider to see the shingle granules in the gutter. The roof shed more shingle granules when it gets damaged and needs church roof maintenance.


Check for moisture

If the person repairing the roof notices bounces to the roof while walking, there are good chances that moisture gets trapped in the ceiling.


Discoloration of church roof or walls

If you notice discoloration in the walls of your church, you should call the service provider to check for leaks in the gutter or roof leaks. The repair of the gutter is essential to prevent the water from getting blocked and rots or molds.


Some tips for keeping the church roof in good condition

  • There is no doubt that only roof contractorknow-how to repair the roof of a church but, to increase the life of the church roof, you can follow some tips which are discussed below.
  • You should be aware of the type of roof of your church, which are of two types. The two different types of roofs are water-proof roofs and water-shedding roofs. The former roof is flat and withstands water, making it more susceptible to damage. The water in the later roof is allowed to flow at an angle so that it is directed to the gutter of the church. But, both types of roofs need regular inspection.
  • Roofers use different materials like metal, clay, slate, asphalt for the construction of roofs. Asphalt shingles may long for 15 years, while expensive materials like slate can save you from costly repairs for decades.
  • You should not skip regular cleaning of gutters as the accumulated water can damage the roof of the Lord’s abode.



To maintain the life of the Lord’s house, you should get regular inspections done by roof contractors. Always do your homework of finding a knowledgeable technician for your church roof maintenance.

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