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Types Of Roofing Shingles

Determining which roofing shingle is appropriate for your house when it’s time to replace it can be a monumental effort. Various shingles are available, each with advantages and disadvantages, price variations, and distinctive styles. It can quickly become overpowering. You can choose from multiple shingles, including classic wood, asphalt, contemporary designer, and more! It used to be more complex when your options were limited to ceramic, wood, and asphalt shingles. Therefore, you must be familiar with all of these distinct roofing shingle varieties so you can make an informed choice when it’s time to install them or replace current ones.


Various Roofing Shingle Types

Different shingle varieties have additional benefits and drawbacks. They differ in price and longevity as well. Below is a summary to familiarize yourself with the most common roofing shingles.


Asphalt shingles

The most common type of roofing material on American homes is asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles come in various styles, all of which are simple to install, widely available, and surprisingly affordable to create. They can be compared favorably to many other rival roofing kinds thanks to their affordability and durability. They are low maintenance, come in countless designs and colors, and are made to shield your home from the elements and moisture.


3-Tab Shingles for Roofing

In the United States, many homes have 3-tab roof shingles. They have three equal-sized tabs, giving the roof a balanced appearance. These conventional shingles are often less expensive than other types of asphalt shingles, and they feature a recurring rectangular shape divided by “slots.” The commercial roofing company near me must take extra care during installation to make sure the “slots” the shingles produce are straight. They should have a flat appearance and give your roof a slate-like impression. Since 3-tab shingles are constructed from a single strip and are therefore lightweight, they are less expensive than many other shingle kinds and competing roofing materials.


Construction shingles

The top category of asphalt shingles includes architectural shingles. They are thicker, more durable, and heavier than 3-tab shingles. They are sometimes referred to as dimensional or laminated shingles because they are made of two layers of shingle pieces that are laminated together to provide a more dimensional appearance. Due to their shape and size variances, architectural shingles offer your roof a sculpted appearance and enhance its aesthetic appeal. They are priced between Rs. 75 and 125 per square foot. By reducing heat absorption, a specific kind of architectural shingle could help your home become more energy-efficient.



Luxury shingles

Luxury shingles also referred to as “premium shingles,” are the best kind of asphalt shingles available. These laminated asphalt shingles are distinctive in design and utility, providing your home with excellent weather protection. They are the most functional and long-lasting asphalt shingles and have many color variations. They are far cheaper than those roofing kinds and provide the most accurate representation of wood shake and slate roofing. Their most significant drawbacks are expense and weight—they weigh twice as much as 3-tab shingles. What is the benefit of that extra weight? Added durability against impact and rips. If you reside in an area where tornadoes, hurricanes, or hail are common, that is useful. This premium asphalt shingle roof has a lifespan of 25 to 30 years, and you can anticipate that it will cost the most.


Shingles for the Hip & Ridge

The materials used to make hip and ridge cap shingles are the same as those used to make regular shingles and have the same appearance. The hips and hills of the roof, both extremely high-stress locations and need additional protection, are covered and protected by them, which is where they differ from one another. Of course, you could counter that standard shingles could serve the same function if you chopped them to size. However, the issue is that regular shingles are frequently thin and may shatter over time. Because they are thicker, the hip and ridge caps will get less worn down over time.


Aluminum shingles

Due to their fashionable appearance, durability, and versatility in color and pattern, metal roofing shingles have grown in popularity over the past several years. Aluminum shingles are the ideal choice for many older homes that lack the structural support for heavier shingles because they are lightweight and straightforward to install.
Increasingly, people are replacing their roofs with metal roofing because of their resilience and long lifespan. Aluminum shingles can last up to 100 years when placed and maintained correctly.


Shingles made of wood

Wood shingles are produced from wood, as the name suggests. Wood shingles could be more versatile in design because they are carved into identical shapes. There are two types of wooden shingles: wood shakes and wood shingles. While wood shakes are typically sawn off and hand-split for a more rustic appearance, wood shingles arrive in ideal shapes. Wood shingles have been reported to survive between 15 and 50 years, depending on the type of wood utilized. Shakes constructed of cedar last for 30 to 40 years.


Clay roofs

Clay roofing tiles are created using clay, much as their name implies. It comes in various colors, ranging from white to yellow, orange, and even brown. Although they are among the most challenging kinds of roof shingles, the density of the tiles varies depending on how long they are heated and the temperature. Although clay tiles certainly offer your house a distinctive look, they can cost up to three times as much as a typical asphalt shingle roof. They are an environmentally beneficial, low-maintenance, long-lasting, and rot- and mold-resistant roofing alternative. Still, they are also heavy, expensive, difficult to install, brittle, and unsuitable for all roof slopes.


Slate roofs

A specific type of naturally occurring stone is extracted from the earth and then shaped into slate shingles. Even though they are fragile, they feel substantial when used to cover the entire roof. Slate shingles’ inherent beauty and durability are its two main advantages.


A metal roof

Another choice for roofing materials that you might think about is metal. Due to materials, labor, and system requirements, metal roofing—whether standing seam or stone-coated metal shingles—typically need more installation time and cost more money.


Which Shingle Type Is Best For Your Roof?

Several roof shingle types are available from RSH Roofing, including dimensional, and standing seam metal roofing. In addition to assisting you with your installation project, our knowledgeable crew can help you identify the roofing shingles best for your specific roof. To make an appointment, get in touch with our staff right away.

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