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What Roofing Contractors are Looking for During an Inspection

An assessment of a roof involves assessing its general health. This is done to find potential roof difficulties before they become much bigger problems. Pay attention to the importance of roof inspections. It is advisable to have a roofing contractor assess your roof if you have never had one done. The roofer will inquire about your roof and ask whether any troubles have been willfully created. Your roofer needs to be aware of every detail because its harm could be severe. If your roof is more than ten years old, RSH Roofing advises having it evaluated by a roof company. During their roof inspections, all qualified roofers keep an eye out for the following items:


Things to focus on during the inspection




The ventilation in your attic

Your attic should be the first thing your contractor inspects when they arrive at your house. If your attic is adequately aired, it could significantly improve the lifespan of your roof. To allow your attic to breathe, they check to see that it is adequately vented from above. Your roof will experience issues if your attic is improperly aired. The trapped cold and hot air will significantly shorten your roof’s lifespan. Your contractor will check to see if soffit vents have been put near the lower portion of your attic and if ridge vents have been installed near the upper part of your attic during a roof inspection to ensure appropriate ventilation. It cannot understate the value of sufficient attic ventilation to your roof investment.



Your inspector will examine the mortar joints and flashing on your chimney. Since mortar is simply a blend of water, sand, and cement, it will also degrade with time. Maintaining the condition of your roof requires regularly inspecting the mortar joints in the chimney. If the mortar base of your chimney has disintegrated, there will be little left to stop a leak. This may also produce a damp atmosphere that is ideal for the development of moss and algae. Your roof inspector will also examine your chimney cap for rust, cracks, and other signs of aging. You run the danger of having a chimney leak if your cap is destroyed since it won’t be able to direct water away from the chimney’s entrance.


Are there any visible interior water stains or roof leaks?

Your roofing contractor will search for any leaks creating water stains on your ceiling, although this should be rather evident. They will begin looking for the source of the leak after they have determined that you have one. Once they’ve located it, they’ll either make the necessary repairs or suggest a replacement if the damage is severe.


Roofing supplies

Additionally, roofers will examine the components of the roof itself. Not all materials are as resilient as others. A typical asphalt roof typically lasts less time than a metal roof. Extreme weather conditions, including rain, wind, and hail, can be exceedingly difficult for some materials to survive. The best roofing materials in your area might be recommended to you by experienced roofers.


The number of layers in your roof

The number of layers in your roof will be checked when your contractor climbs upon it. If the issue is deemed severe enough to require a roof replacement, your roof, and any additional layers will need to be removed. If there are multiple levels, the number of layers that need to be removed will be included in your roof replacement estimate.


Building Damage

A qualified roofer examines the wood rafters and trusses for structural deterioration. This includes looking for termites, decaying, cracks, and splits. It is preferable to fix any of these issues as soon as they are discovered. This is because future repairs may be more costly due to these problems.


The decking on your roof’s condition

Your roof company will examine your roof’s decking when they climb up there. They will use their feet to determine if the ground is solid or squishy. They’ll also investigate if the decking’s nails are still securely fastened. Be mindful that simply stepping on your decking won’t necessarily notify your contractor if it’s in horrible shape. After the shingles are peeled off, they typically need to assess the roof’s condition. During the process of replacing your roof, your contractor will need to replace that part if the integrity of your decking has been affected.



The sole purpose of your gutters is to control the flow of rainfall off your roof and away from your house. They will only be able to complete this task if leaves, debris, or other objects obstruct them. You may check the condition of your gutter system by having your roof inspected. Your inspector will make sure that your gutters are clear of any obstructions that can prevent water from flowing freely. They’ll also search for standing water because that could indicate that your gutters are titled improperly.

To prevent water from reaching the fascia boards that run behind the gutters, they will also ensure that shingles and drip edges are lapped over the back of the gutters. Although not all homes have them, those that do run the danger of suffering water damage. A clogged gutter system’s water can eventually splash over the fascia. They may weaken and rot as a result of this continuous exposure to water.


Your attic’s vents

Any vent on your roof, regardless of the type, needs to be examined. For instance, you should inspect for the roof, soffit, or ridge vents obstructions. They’ll examine whether the metal’s expansion and contraction have pulled the fasteners out of the gas vent if your home has a gas appliance.


Employ a trustworthy roofing contractor

You are prepared to call a dependable roofing contractor in your area now that you know what to look for during a roof inspection. A reputable roof company will provide you with an honest evaluation of your roof if you employ them.

But where can you discover a reputable roofing company? That ultimately comes down to asking the correct questions and receiving the appropriate responses. We’ll give you the most important queries to ask a roofing contractor because we want every homeowner to find the best roofing company.

The staff at RSH Roofing has met your roofing needs. We ensure we notice everything during your roof inspection by conducting a thorough inspection. We’ll make every effort to ensure your safety. Contact our specialists right away!

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