Hail Damage Roof Inspection

Hail, Ice and Wind Damage Roof Inspection

Roof Repair & Restoration Experts for hail damage in Texas

Hail storms are common phenomenon in Texas. Repair, maintenance and sometimes replacement of the roof is likely. RSH Commercial Roofing Experts are locally based roofing professionals with three decades of experience. We have the best team of roofing experts that can assess the amount of hail and wind damage to your roof. We are knowledgeable on every type of roofs, their properties, and most importantly know how to repair and maintain them to ensure longevity of your roof.


What kind of roof damage can you experience after a Hail, Ice and Wind Storms?

  • Dented metal in the gutters, gutter screens, doors, or downspouts
  • Siding and windowsills damage
  • Damage to light fixtures, air conditioners and other outdoor fixtures
  • Bald spots caused by hail hitting the shingles
  • Cracked or missing shingles
  • Dented metal sheets on the roof
  • Damaged Shingles, shingles blown off the roof.
  • Seam seperation and cracking of the roofing materials.
  • Water leaks resulting from expansion of roofing membrane and flashing.


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    You must not neglect the roof damages from hail!

    The main purpose of the roofing systems is to protect the interior of the building. The roofing system must withstand all exterior weather conditions. These conditions include wind pressures, rain fall, snow and ice storms, moisture and temperature variations and conditions. In large buildings, such as church buildings, the roof often is the largest structural component in which insulation can be used to reduce the heating and cooling loads. Residential roofing consists of composition shingles and in some cases metal for flat sloped roofs. Commercial Roof mostly consists of flat roofing systems are made up of 4 major roof elements: structural deck, vapor flow retarder/moisture barrier, thermal insulation, and a roofing membrane. The flat roofing system is a single-ply system such as EPDM, TPO and Metal. Built-Up Roofing Systems are also used in commercial and sometimes on a residential structure.


    A strong, durable roof will keep the building structure protected for decades, but it requires regular maintenance and care to ensure its longevity. Even top-quality roofs can get severely damaged after a strong hail, ice, and windstorm. You can observe signs of disrepair from a cursory inspection before calling in the experts. Some common signs that can spell deeper signs of damage are –

    • Dampness of wall
    • Debris on the roof
    • Water pooling in some sections of the roof
    • Damp attics or basement
    • Damage on building structure

    All these may appear latent or as unrelated issues, but they are likely to visibly manifest in time and damage the roof. Therefore, professionals should inspect the roof promptly. The professionals will use their understanding and experience to ensure that the structure does not get sustain long-term serious damages. They will use moisture meters, infrared cameras, drone scans, and roof scanners to map out the damaged areas on the roof.


    Professional Roof Inspection

    We offer professional and timely inspections by our roofing inspectors who have all the right qualifications and years of experience. They are thorough in the latest regulatory requirements and understand the distinct types of weather events and the problems that are caused by storm events. We have latest equipment for deep inspection of the roof to identify internal damages too. While a cursory first-hand inspection can be done by the building maintenance personal to spot obvious signs of damage, our roof inspector will come equipped with drones and thermal 3D model that help us spot internal damage. This helps in spotting the damage occurring under the top layer of the roof covering without disturbing or damaging it. Thus, we drastically reduce the roof repair and replacement costs. With our advanced technologies, the reports are generated faster and accurately, which helps in expediting roofing claims and getting faster reimbursements were roof repair or replacement.


    What we do?

    We conduct the preliminary site inspection of all types of roofs, which consist of checking for collateral damages (damages to the fence, patio furniture, gutters, downspouts, window screens, etc.) & identifying the direction and path of the storm. We also observe the roof membrane and flashing damages and any damages to the inside of the home. In our report, we will identify things that can be repaired or things that will need to be replaced. Or aim is to ensure that our customers get a comprehensive report after an extensive and thorough site inspection. The report will be provided in a timely fashion. We are recognized across the State for the thorough inspection and providing giving the most reasonable estimates without any compromise on service. We have an emergency response team to assist with the various storm events. We can put together a team of roofing consultants, estimators, Engineers, and Public Adjusters. We will order the Weather Reports to validate the loss date and type of storm event at the site and finally our team will submit the detailed report and give a professional estimate which will identify items for repair and items for replacement of the roof and the property. Once the customer agrees to the scope and signs the contract, we will ensure the service is completed at the earliest and help you with raising the insurance claims.


    Our services include –

    • Drone roof inspections with Artificial Intelligence capabilities can be ordered for thorough inspection of even the inaccessible areas of the roof. It is non-invasive and helps generate reports on extent of damage faster than the traditional inspection methods.
    • Residential & Commercial Roof repair – we will repair any damages to the roof, gutter, chimney, and skylights
    • Residential & Commercial roof replacement – we will consult with you and give our expert opinion on whether you require partial or complete roof replacement. We replace –
      • Broken shingles
      • Broken tiles
      • Damaged metal roof sheets
      • Partial roof
      • Complete roof
    • Insurance claim – we have complete understanding of the local regulatory needs and insurance claims procedure. We will provide complete assistance in registering your insurance claims by providing requisite claim forms, inspection reports, photographs and cost estimate for repair or replacement.

    Distinct types of roofs that we work with

    • Shingle roof
    • Tile roof
    • Steel roof
    • TPO roof
    • Metal roof
    • EPDM roof
    • Flat roof

    Where the weather is concerned, err in the side of caution

    It is not prudent to leave the roof unchecked after a hail, ice, and windstorm as the continuous pelting of the hail in high winds and accumulation of ice is likely to injure some parts of the roof. Also, once the hail settles or gets lodged a part of the roof, it will melt and seep through the roof, causing deeper damages. The roof is out of sight, and it is easy to overlook its condition in the face of the debris that accumulate around the building. if there are trees in the vicinity of the building there is a likelihood of branches falling or leaves blowing onto the roof causing damages and blockage in the gutter or damage to the roof parts.

    If caught early, one can get away with repair, which will be cost effective even if there is need for extensive repairs. If the damage is deeper, it is better to get the roof replaced and that would be comparatively cost-effective when one considers the extensive damages that may be caused to the walls.

    RSH Commercial Roof Experts have solutions for every type of roof repair and replacement needs arising from hail damage.

    You can rely on us after a lengthy hail, ice, and windstorms to be at your doorstep with the requisite tools for emergency roof Dryout services, roof inspection and roof repair. Our clients will attest that our response to hail, ice and wind damage is the fastest and best. You can benefit from our experience and technology to prolong the life of you roof even after it has weathered the typical Texas hail, ice, and windstorms!


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